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Every single person possesses implicit biases (also known as unconscious biases). They are learned through societal conditioning and the natural human inclination to prefer those whom we perceive to be more similar to ourselves. Unconsciously, and sometimes consciously, humans then act on these biases, often causing great harm. The repercussions of biases can range from microaggressions to the bodily harm or deaths of those that are perceived as different and therefore threatening.

With such real, grave consequences, on the line, it is crucial that people address their implicit biases. Education on implicit biases will not completely negate or eliminate the biases that we have lived with for our whole lives, but being aware of our own biases can help us work to not act on these biases. As the saying goes, we are not our first thought (our implicitly biased reaction), we are our second thought and our first action. And with proper education, we can make our second thought and first action one that is well-informed and appropriate.

Through intentional training and thorough education, we can prevent unconsciously biased responses, and all the harm that comes with them. I invite you on this educational journey with me to confront your own biases.

Dennis Kennedy
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